Deciding Between Choosing A Public Or Private Golf Course

Golf-Course-18th-green-e1358953641231Golf is a game played on a very scenic landscape. The course may have got the natural look or have been landscaped. Whatever may be the case, they need to be well maintained. The standard 18 holes golf course is atleast 60 hectares in area with features of sand traps, rough and water hazards. Golf courses may be half the size with just 9 holes too, but even this requires equal maintenance. The grass on the greens and fairways must be cut properly while the grass on the hazards maintained a little taller. The area needs to be free of any obstructions other than the natural architecture of the course.

Golf lovers can opt for any kind of golf courses available. Both public and private golf courses have their own advantages and disadvantages. At Beacon Hall, a private golf course allows access to it by club membership. Various kinds of membership include short term membership, equity membership, spouse membership, junior membership and even out of town membership and senior membership. This means that one can opt for a membership most suitable to their need. For further details about the facilities and exclusive offers At Beacon club check out

At a private golf course, with club membership, it begins to feel like home, a place to belong to. The place grows familiar over time, people turn into friends and caddies know members by name. There is always someone you know to play with. There is free access to the pool and tennis court. Dining halls or club halls for socializing are an added benefit over a game of cards and parties. Most of all the golf course is well maintained and members get a say on its maintenance. There is no limit over tee time and members can access the course at any time while it is open. Caddies are familiar with members and know their choice of balls, clubs and even the carts. New balls are easily available.

But along with all this fun come responsibilities and extra charges over cart fees, clubhouse fees, locker fees, donations and funds. Extra maintenance charges for pool and tennis courts. There is a great need to fit into the groups that might be already present, or you could be treated as an outcast. Apart from being expensive, the private golf course becomes too familiar over time and regular practice. Each golf course is different from the other and each place has its own challenges. Playing in the same golf course trains you in a particular manner and becomes less challenging.

At a public golf course, it is quite different. It is less expensive as you can watch out for seasonal discounts for access. You can take any friends along with you to play. Going to different golf courses is more challenging and refreshing as you get to explore something new. But the downside is the need to wait for your tee time, it could be crowded with unfamiliar people, the course is overused and the patch a little less maintained due to too many people using it. Well, you get to stick to your budget but never know what you will get for what you spend at a public golf course.